Why should I get a Building or Pest Inspection done?

When buying a home or property, it is important to get a professional to thoroughly inspect the property as a licensed building inspector will have the years of experience and knowledge. You could be fooled into thinking a new property doesn’t need a pest or building inspection. Don’t be, Termites have been located on properties only a few weeks old. Even a new property can have structural defects you can’t see. Keep in mind it is quite normal for an older property to have a few minor defects.

Even for a brand new house?

Yes. Getting a handover report will ensure you are protected from any substandard workmanship and builders that may cut corners when building your new home. Taking place prior to the purchaser taking possession of their new home, a handover inspection will ensure your home is ready to move in to and will highlight in detail any defects and imperfections, plus it will protect you in the future if you decide to sell.

If my Report is favorable did I really need an Inspection?

Definitely! Now you can complete your purchase with confidence.

Can I contact my Inspector after i receive the Report?

If you have concerns or don’t understand something on the inspection report, we advise you to contact us either by phone or email, we welcome any questions or clarifications you may have. Usually any problems can be fixed before settlement and any costs can be negotiated between the buyer and seller. We recommend not to buy any property without a Building and Pest Inspection


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